11 Easy to make toys for your baby that they will love

11 Easy to make toys for your baby that they will love

  1. Do you have a small Tupperware container, if not an old shampoo or conditioner bottle washed out and with the top on will suffice. Put some dried peas or lentils in this fasten the lid and give it to your child. They will love it
  2. Have you got a small piece of material, give this to your baby to play with. My daughter had a bikini which had a tie at each side, but they kept coming off, but she loved playing with this. Its just a small piece of cloth about 2cms wide by 6 cms long. It is brightly coloured and is silky and she won't go anywhere without this and has spent many hours just passing it from hand to hand, putting it in her mouth and looking at it.
  3. Take some old cloth cut 6 squares of 6 cms x 6cms, sew 4 of the squares in a row, then either side of the 2nd?square sew the remaining 2 squares. This will form a cross shape. Then fold the cross until it forms a cube, sew up the sides, leaving on side open. Fill with filling, and put in a bell. Then sew up the remaining sides and you have a lovely soft square with a ringing noise for your child to play.
  4. Good old biscuit tin and wooden spoon always go down a treat as do pans and collanders.
  5. If you have an old mobile phone, give your child this to play with, certainly saves your phone. Always make sure the battery is removed though.
  6. Old remote controls have equal fascination. You can often pick on up from a car boot for next to nothing.
  7. An old tray with a small amount of water makes great splashing. My little girl adores this and will spend all day just splashing.
  8. Old magazines are great, they can pull them, rip them and look at the pictures. Another thing that keeps my daughter entertained for hours.
  9. An old pillow case filled with newspapers and plastic bags, I filled an old pillow case with newspapers and old plastic bags then sewed the top. My daughter loves the noise this make, she kicks and punches this with glee.
  10. if you have older children, get them to draw on bits of card the letters of the alphabet, these then make lovely flash cards to teach your baby to read. And your other children really feel they are making a contribution. Plus it's a great way for them to use their imagination.
  11. Empty Milk cartons, cereal boxes or any other kind of box. Babies love these.






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