How to teach your child to swim easy lessons anyone can do

How to teach your child to swim easy lessons anyone can do


  1. While holding the child under the armpits and walk them around in the water to develop a feeling of comfort in an aquatic environment. Smile and talk to demonstrate that this new place is fun and interesting.
  2. Have the child to kick his legs while holding onto the side of the pool so you can guide his legs. Then do it with your hands beneath his armpits to develop the feeling of motion.
  3. Blow bubbles in the water with the child as he kicks to get him used to putting his face in the water.
  4. Show your child how to hold their breath by doing it yourself above water first, get your child to hold their breath above water too and ensure they can do this above water before attempting the next step.
  5. Gradually begin dunking him down to practice holding his breath. Accompany the child underwater and play underwater games to get him to open his eyes.
  6. Support the child around his waist or chest and begin having him stroke with his arms. Demonstrate the motion yourself, and then guide the child's arms. Then let him do it on his own while you support him in the water. Have him keep kicking.
  7. Have the child swim a short distance from the wall to you. Begin at a very short distance, so that he can almost jump the span at first. Gradually increase the distance.
  8. Demonstrate to the child how to breathe by lifting or turning his head as the distance from you to him gets far enough to necessitate this.
  9. Instruct the child to jump into the pool from the side with you there to catch him at first, and then increase the distance so that he must jump and swim.






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