can Depression be helped/cured by drinking water

can Depression be helped/cured by drinking water

Having been on antidepressant medications since 1997, having tried just about everything but nothing really seemed to help bring me out. Last month I read how just drinking water with salt can help lift depression. So i tried this

Having never been a big water drinker, in fact, I never really drank much of anything at all, even soda. I was very curious about why I felt so different so I searched on the Web about depression and dehydration. I figured that the water had helped. Well, I came across several articles about the subject, which mentioned that if your brain is dehydrated, it causes depression and anxiety. The neurotransmitters don't function properly. Simply drinking more water is a cure. It seemed too simple to be true, but I decided to drink more water. It's been 1 month and I can honestly say I am a different person. The depression/anxiety is nearly gone, and I plan to be off the antidepressant soon. I felt a huge change in my mood within 2 days of drinking more water, approx. 6-8 glasses a day. No, this isn't a joke.

I am writing to suggest that you may be depressed because you are dehydrated. Try drinking more water and see if it helps. Aside from lifting my depression, it has also given me increased motivation and energy. I had lost my enthusiasm for life and all I wanted to do was sleep, and this was while being on Lexapro, so the medication didn't do much good. I am not suggesting that you stop your medication and just drink water, but increase your water intake and see if you feel better.

Here's an interesting quote from an article on the Web, "Psychiatric illnesses ... are a sign of lifetime dehydration. Every sip of water is first dedicated to hydrating the brain and cranial fluids then to the rest of the body. When we fail to drink enough water over a lifetime, toxins begin to interfere with the brain's delicate neuro chemical balance. Once a single chemical reaction in the brain is significantly altered, the resulting ripple effect will be felt throughout the brain. The accumulation of these events can lead to brain diseases and imbalances of all kinds, including clinical depression."

I want to spread hope that a lifetime of depression may be due to lack of water. The experts recommend that one drinks water, not soda or Gatorade, or other things. Only water can provide the body with what it needs since our brain is 85% water. It's worth a try--it's free!!



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