Does Salt and Water Cure Hayfever

Does Salt and Water Cure Hayfever

Does salt and water cure hayfever

The answer quite simply is yes

03/07/2013 I have been suffering from hayfever for years and years and although anti-histamines have worked, my body quickly becomes immune to them so they stop having any effect.

This year once again I have suffered horrendously with blocked nose, itchy eyes and streaming nose, until 2 days ago at 4 in the morning when I couldn't sleep because of a blocked nose I decided to Google cures for hayfever. Doing the search on Google I came across a salt water cure. Well in desperation I tried it and almost instantly my nose cleared, my eyes stopped itching and the sneezing stopped.

Since then Ive followed the salt water and other than a little sniffling and the occasional sneeze there have been no further symptoms.

So I hear you ask what do I have to do? Simple get yourself some sea salt (not table salt) if you can get unrefined sea salt, but any sea salt will do if not.

Now drink two large glasses of water first, once you have drunk these you then put about quarter of a teaspoon of salt onto your tongue and leave it to dissolve.

Do this 3 times a day

That is it, I have no idea how or why this works and as a hayfever sufferer I really dont care all I know is that it works and continues to work for me so I will keep on doing it. It costs very little to do, so is absolutely worth a try.


Ok its been almost 2 weeks since beginning the water cure (water and salt intake) for hayfever and now i have to warn you of the side effects

  1. Increased Energy - Suddenly i have energy to run around. I seem to have time in the day for doing things again.
  2. Psoriasis clearing - 40 years i've had Psoriasis and two weeks ago it was pretty much at its worst. Two weeks later its clearing amazingly. I'll keep you informed on this but its the best its ever been. Someone did say to me oh its the hot weather we are having. Mmm well having lived in spain for 7 years before coming back to the uk and seeing no improvement in the 7 years and they had hot hot weather I'm not sure it is that.
  3. Sleeping well
  4. No Cravings. - Before my sweet tooth was horrendous now I actually have a packet of sweets in my drawer which have been sitting there unopened for about a week. This is unheard of for me. If they last until i get home i'm lucky.
Thats it for now, I'll let you know if there are any further side effects. Oh and Hayfever is almost none existent. Still get an occasional sneeze but maybe two per day as opposed to two a minute. I can't believe something so simple can work so well.



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