How to cure earache quickly and easily

How to cure earache quickly and easily

EARACHE - the simple effective cure.

The cure is so simple its almost unbelievable. Get a thick pair of socks (clean of course) just use one of them. Fold them over to make a pad then lie on your side with the bad ear facing up. Hold the sock there for as long as it takes to cure.

For my daughter I normally give calpol or similar as well as this will take away the immediate pain until the socks take effect.

Apparently what happens is the sock heats up the ear, killing the infection and as you have your ear up, it will drain into your throat where your immune system can deal with it effectively.

Previously ear aches were common for my child, but since using this they are infrequent and last a night at most.

If you are sceptical give it a try you have nothing to lose.