how to cure an ear infection without antibiotics

how to cure an ear infection without antibiotics

how to cure an ear infection without antibiotics

About a year ago my 5 year olds ear drum burst, puss and gunk coming out everywhere. We went to the doctors who of course prescribed anti-biotics. They didn't work her ear continued to pus. So they gave her more. It cleared up for a while, then came back about a month later.

So back to the doctors we went. More anti-biotics. cleared up again only to come back a month later. Well we couldn't keep going on like this so i thought i'd try my hayfever cure. Good old water and salt. I dissolved just a few grains of sea salt into a bottle of water and made her drink about 4-5 bottles of this through the day. After 2 days no pus and no pain in her ear.

Now 6 months on she remains clear of any infection in her ears.

If you or your child are suffering from this please at least try it either before resorting to the anti-biotics or during if necessary. You need about one glassful of water to a pinch of sea salt. Given 3-4 times a day






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