how to get children to eat more fruit

how to get children to eat more fruit

How to get your children to eat more fruit

This very simple method will have your children clamouring to eat more fruit.

My daughter would rarely eat fruit and normally only under duress, now she eats it 2-3 times a day and asks for it. How did this happen?

very simple i gave her fruit with a bowl of honey and some hundreds and thousands and sprinkles with cocktail sticks.

Push the cocktail stick into a small piece of fruit, allow the child to dip the fruit in the honey (you don't really need the honey if your child doesn't like honey the moisture in the fruit will stick anyway.

Then get them to cover the fruit in hundreds and thousands

Ok its not quite the healthiest way, but I'd prefer she ate fruit with hundreds and thousands on than not at all. And now she is very enthusiastic about eating the fruit

We recently tried this with 15 other girls all of the same age, some who said they didn't like honey or fruit, but at the end of our session there wasn't a piece of fruit on any childs plate. The mum's were very happy.