Ebay - what can i do if a buyer doesnot pay

Ebay - what can i do if a buyer doesnot pay

Help Ebay - Buyer is not paying for the item

First contact the buyer and request payment, also send them an invoice. Be nice say if they need more time to pay you are happy to wait and just to let you know.

Wait 3 -4 days after the auction ended, sometimes buyers don't always realise they have won or something may have happened - one of my buyer went into labour just after bidding, she did pay in the end though.

If after this they don't respond open an unpaid item case click here to open

Don't cancel the item as this is at the buyers discretion. Open the case against them, they then have to either pay or you get your fees back from ebay. They cannot cancel, once this is done only pay or wait. 7 days later if no payment is made you will get your fees back from ebay.

Relist and try again

Don't do what i did though, I was sure someone wasn't going to pay, so resold the item, only for them to pay about 20 minutes after it had sold oops. Thankfully managed to get hold of another item.

Have you lost money on Ebay

More and more sellers are losing money to unscrupulous buyers. Protect yourself now don't let them get away with it.