SCAM 3 - Buyer Requests Shipping to Different Address

SCAM 3 - Buyer Requests Shipping to Different Address

EBAY BUYER SCAM 3 - Buyer Requests Shipping to Different Address

This scam usually occurs when an innocent victim's PayPal account has been hijacked. The scammer will not change the hijacked account's shipping address as this will send an email to the true account holder. Instead, the scammer will try to convince a seller to ship the item to a different address which is often in another country. Typically the scammer will claim that he is moving or that the item is for a friend.

It can happen to a genuine buyer as well, it happened to me when I moved house, naturally I did not want things going to my old address and I had forgotten to change the address on paypal. I contacted the seller asked them to send it to the new address but told them to wait while I confirmed it on paypal.

If the buyer wants to send to another address ask them to confirm this through paypal. Paypal will alert the account holder who will then hopefully confirm all is ok or is fraud. Whatever way wait a few days before sending.

If you have already sent the item all is not lost

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