Even Crap sells

Even Crap sells

On the internet people are selling their rubbish for a small fortune.

As a for instance someone sold a paper Olympic torch for £45 it was rubbish and took about 5 minutes to make but they sold it.

This is just one of many stories where rubbish has gone for a lot of money.

So to test that theory I’ve developed an ebook that is full of adverts (if you want to advertise in this ebook email me at crapsells@top-bannana.com).

It has some useful information but loads of adverts in as well.

The ads probably are useful and the info may be useful to some but you won’t know until you read it whether it is worthwhile or not.

I’m pricing my bundle of crapselling at £4.99.

Do you know someone who buys anything just because, well share it with them and test the theory.

All payments go to help me set up a details to follow soon.

So go on buy my crappy ebook and prove the theory right.

Here are some false testimonials as well to go with it

  • Oh i thought i was buying a rubbish ebook but actually its great full of rubbish information
  • The most amazing rubbish ebook ever, you simply must buy it
  • Wow this is full of ads and information, actually some stuff I didn't know
  • I did not need to know some of the stuff inside here
  • quick and speedy delivery woo hooo