benefits to giving up wheat going wheat free gluten intolerance

benefits to giving up wheat going wheat free gluten intolerance

What are the benefits to going wheat free

First let me tell you a little about me. For years I suspected i had some sort of wheat intolerance but did not put my bad temper, bad skin, lethargy, depression or apathy down to this

10 days ago I gave up wheat, and 10 days on what a difference. My energy levels are now soaring, I don't feel glued up inside, I feel clean and healthy. I wake up wanting to take on the world whereas before getting out of bed was a challenge.

For years (40 of them) my skin has been plagued with psoriasis, now there is a huge improvement already.

I would highly recommend giving up wheat for anyone or at the very least cut down

One friend of mine said she rarely ate wheat, so i asked her what she had for breakfast she said weetabix, duh clues in the title, but moving on, lunch a sandwich, snack biscuits, dinner pizza or pasta, ok so every single meal of the day contained wheat yet she claims to hardly eat it.

Scarily though is what wheat is in that isn't so obvious. Sausages, burgers, battered fish, pies, any coated burgery type thing.

If you think about wheat, how do you make glue for papier mache, oh yes flour and water, so basically anytime you eat wheat you are eating glue and clogging up your body. think about that the next time you reach for the cake.

Now what i'm not doing here is saying you have to give up all your favourites, we still make cakes but we make them with ground oats instead of flour (delicious) I still have treats with my coffee but I have chocolate. Pizza i really miss so we have cheesy chicken instead, basically split a chicken breast, fry until cooked, pour tomato sauce over the chicken cover with grated cheese until melted and eat yum yum much better than pizza anyway.

If you miss pasta there are wheat free alternatives, or use rice in place.

I would highly recommend anyone trying giving up wheat and see if it makes a difference in your life. It won't harm you to do without wheat. Oh for breakfast i have rice krispies, or oat cereals



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