How to get your child into rainbows brownies guiding scouts beavers when there is a waiting list

How to get your child into rainbows brownies guiding scouts beavers when there is a waiting list

You've decided you would love your child to be involved in the guiding/scout movement only to find the waiting list is huge and your child may never get in.

Well there is one very simple way your child can quickly and easily override the waiting list, waiting lists go in this order of preference on the guiding system.

  1. Helpers children
  2. currently in guiding in area
  3. currently in guiding in another area
  4. waiting list.

As you can see on this the way to skip to the top of the waiting list is to offer to help.  Helpers come in all shapes and sizes, whether running a meeting, assisting occasionally at meetings, offering to buy the supplies, helping with the accounts, dealing with the waiting list, preparing for sessions.

Scouting/Guiding is run purely on volunteers so help is always needed.  So go speak to the leader of the unit you want your child to enrol and ask them how you can help. Even if you can only do once a month its always welcome. Your child will be next to join.

At our rainbows group we had 8 mums who helped out we needed two extra people per week, they couldn't all commit to everyweek, but we had a rota of the 8 mums and naturally if they could help their child got priority. 

Good luck, your child will love it and actually so will you. 


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