Foods to avoid during H pylori infection

Foods to avoid during H pylori infection

Foods to avoid during H pylori infection

Helicobacter pylori is a type of bacterium that causes inflammation in the stomach or small intestine. The bacteria can lead to gastritis and ulcers in the stomach. The most common symptom is the burning pain in the abdomen. The infection is acquired by ingesting contaminated food or water and through person to person contact. Here is a list of
foods to avoid during H pylori infection.


How to avoid H Pylori infection:

  1. Spicy foods and spice powders: Avoid spices such as chilli powder, black pepper, red pepper, mustard powder, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and mustard seeds. Try to avoid these spices if they bother your stomach. Especially avoid these foods during H Pyroli infection as they provide a perfect ground for these bacteria growth.
  2. Tomato rich foods: Avoid tomatoes, tomato juice, pasta sauces, tomato soups. You can eat foods rich in flavonoids such as onions, garlic, apples, celery and cranberries may inhibit the growth of H pylori bacteria.
  3. Avoid high fat foods: Cut back on high fat meat and high fat dairy products. High fat foods may increase inflammation in the stomach lining. Try to avoid red meats in your diet.
  4. Vinegar: Avoid vinegar and things made with vinegar. You can use apple cider vinegar instead of regular vinegar.
  5. Fried foods: Avoid fried foods and fatty foods including french fries, doughnuts, processed foods and margarine. Instead of frying, you can bake, saute or boil in a pan.
  6. Refined foods: White sugar, cocoa, cake, jam, icecream, pastries, canned juice, chocolates, doughnuts, artificial sweeteners, cream, pies, jaggery and syrup. It is better to avoid refined foods during H pylori infection.
  7. Caffine and Alcohol: Avoid beverages that can irritate the stomach lining including coffee, decaffeinated coffee, tea, alocohol, soft drinks and alcohol. Must avoid Coffee.
  8. Refined flours: Another important food to avoid with diabetes is refined flours. Avoid pasta, white bread, all purpose flour (maida), pretzels, puffs, pizza and processed foods.
  9. Oils: Avoid hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. You can use healthy oils such as canola oil and olive oil.
  10. Others: Try to limit the use of cabbage, and cooked dried beans may increase the acid secretion.
  11. Try to avoid any food that may cause heartburn, bloating, acid reflux and stomach upset.



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