How to remove inspyware from your laptop

How to remove inspyware from your laptop

Do you keep getting a page to say microsoft has found an issue with your pc and all your files are going to be removed?

Firstly don't panic, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE together this will bring up the task manager, right click on your browser and select end task, this will close the browser down. Nothing will happen its just a scam so don't worry.

I had this for months, i've tried all the ususal scans, I think I must have downloaded every spyware removal tool there is. Nothing worked. But after doing a bit of research and finding out where the annoying pop up was coming from I simply blocked that site in the host file and that seemed to work.

Blocking a site in the host file blocks it on all browsers.

Ok step by step to rid yourself of this

  1. You will need administrator permissions to do this Click here to find out how to set up an admin account
  2. Login as your admin
  3. Open File explorer and go to this directory C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\
  4. Open the hosts file right click on the file and select open in notepad
  5. after the very last line move your cursor to the end of the line and press enter
  6. then type this exactly the line below www.
  7. Save and close the file, this will block the website from ever opening, then go back to your normal user and hey presto no more annoying popup from these guys.

I did this 4 days ago and haven't been bothered since. Before it was happening 4 or 5 times a day really annoying.

However today another one popped up i've added the following to my host page as well

Keep checking back here if any others come up i will add them.



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