Invest in a property from just £10

Invest in a property from just £10

We would love you to invest in our potential Bed and Breakfast.

We are looking to start a B&B and have a few properties in mind. We could go the traditional route of going to a bank and obtaining a mortgage, but we decided we would rather pay you the general public the interest rather than feed the fat cats at the bank.

Consequently we are giving you the opportunity to partner with us from as little as £10.

You will be paid an annual dividend from the profits of the company, all we ask is that you keep your initial investment for 3 years, after that you can return your investment at any time.

Business plan predictions are forecast the dividend would be around 10% of your initial investment.

If you do decide to pull out after 3 years and rise in property prices will be reflected in your repayment.

However any decrease will be bourne by us. We will take the full risk. So if property prices fall when you wish to withdraw your investment, we will honour your initial investment. You can sign up below. Remember you can invest from as little as £10. You may not become super rich but we will guarantee your return on your investment plus a dividend. The dividend may vary depending on profit for the year.

For more information please email us at


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