I created this page to help anyone who has psoriasis to get rid of it completely

I created this page to help anyone who has psoriasis to get rid of it completely

Hi there my name is Carol and I wrote this to hopefully help you clear your psoriasis.

For 40 years (yes that's right 40 years) I've lived with this god awful disease. Hiding away as much as possible and never really having much of a life other than scratching and picking.

Now after just two weeks my p is almost gone and I cannot believe it was that simple.

Well I say simple, it comes down to diet. You need to adopt a very strict diet. the diet consists of fresh meat and vegetables. drink water only or small amounts of tea/coffee without sugar or milk.

The most important things to give up are wheat, sugar and milk.

Follow this diet for up to 12 weeks and after just two weeks you will notice a huge improvement. Last night was the first night ever in year that I did not have to hoover the floor around my bed as well as my bed and I could wear the same nightwear again as it wasn't covered in blood from scratching.

If you aren't ready to do the whole lot in one go, then start somewhere. I would start with wheat and or milk. Some of the almond and hazelnut milks are lovely and taste far nicer than normal milk.

Don't worry about calcium, if you eat lots of green vegetables you will be fine. (how do horses, cows etc get their calcium).

If you are really serious about curing your skin you have to do this. Don't do what i did and live with it for years and years thinking you could never give up sweets, chocolate, coffee, wheat, you can and once you start it is quite easy. The wierd thing is when you do eat banned foods the effect is almost instant. On saturday i had some birthday cake (it was my mums 70th) straight away my throat swelled, I got blisters on my tongue and felt bloated, my skin went mad that night. Which was when i decided to take the plunge and go all the way not just giving up wheat.

If I can do it you can too. If you don't like it learn to like it. Your body will thank you for it.



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