Selling phone and laptops on ebay/amazon without being scammed

Selling phone and laptops on ebay/amazon without being scammed

There seems to be more and more people trying to scam honest sellers on amazon and ebay especially with phones and laptops buyers saying they received something else instead of the item.

One way around this is to put a pin on the tablet/laptop/phone which you will send them once they have the phone. Don't mention this until they receive the item and they have to ask you for the password/pin.

Then if they try and open a case you have the email saying they need the password/pin for the item (as this was never mentioned anywhere they can only know it is needed once they have the phone).

They can still find other ways to scam I guess but at least they can't use the didn't receive it or item not as described.

Hope this helps at least one person, it certainly helped me when someone did try to scam me. They hadn't tried the phone when they opened the case and had to ask for the pin to open, thereby nullifying their case.



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