Parking charge Notice by private car parks not council.

Parking charge Notice by private car parks not council.

Parking charge Notice by private car parks not council.

If you have received a parking charge notice and don't want to pay it, then providing you have not yet contacted them and admitted you were the driver there is a simple solution to getting them off your back and closing the case.

Simply send them a letter back like this one below.

While the law has changed now and that the car parks can now pursue the owner, if the owner knows who the driver is they are legally allowed to ask for payment for this information. After all they had to go to DVLA and pay them for this information in the first place.

The letter below admits no liability of the driver nor does it imply that you were not driving only that they need the name of the driver.

Re Parking charge Notice - Add reference number here.

Thank you for your letter dated 01/01/2019 (change this date to suit).

To proceed with this matter you will need the name of the driver of this vehicle on the occasion mentioned.

I am happy to provide you with those details at a cost of £200, please pay this amount into my account (add your account details here) or send me a cheque for £200 made payable to (your name).

Once payment has been made I will release details of the driver. If payment is not made by (14 days from the letter being sent), then this case will be deemed to be closed and any further correspondence will be treated as harassment.

I look forward to receiving your payment.





Your Name



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