How to clear your skin of psoriasis

How to clear your skin of psoriasis

How to clear your skin of psoriasis

Do you want to clear your skin quickly and easily of psoriasis? It really is simple, after 40 years of suffering and flaking daily now my skin is almost clear how, vaseline.

I bet you have already tried this and it didn't work?

Me to until someone told me what i was doing wrong. it was the quantity that i was using.

I just put a small amount but you need to put three fingers in to the pot and smear loads on.

Just one week on and it was almost clear

Now 6 weeks later you can still see a pink outline where i had a huge patch over my stomach, but it is just a pink line about 1mm wide, whereas before it was a patch about 30cms x 15 cms.

Basically smother it on as much as possible, you may want to wear an old tshirt over the top to save your other clothes as it is greasy, but you only need to do this for a week or so, after a while you can get away with just a thin layer so its not so bad.

Before you poo poo the idea, do try it you have nothing to lose and clear skin to gain. I've tried everything and only a few things have worked this well and they are normally strong steriods and coal tar.



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