how to relieve cure a sore throat

how to relieve cure a sore throat

how to relieve cure a sore throat

The quick and easy way to cure a sore throat using something we all have access to.

Hot water but when i say hot i really mean just boiled water. Sip it carefully as it will be very hot, but the heat is lovely on a raging throat and relieves it nicely.

two days ago i had the most awful sore throat which actually was so bad it made me cry, came home boiled the kettle and almost instantly after drinking the water i could talk again.

The other thing as well is to not eat for a while, you obviously have a virus or infection, the following foods feed both of these:

  • Sugar - of any kind
  • Dairy products
  • Wheat
  • So avoid these foods. Fasting for 12-24 hours will allow your body to concentrate on fighting the infection while not feeding the virus/infection. Do drink lots of water both hot and cold to flush out the infection. Throat lozenges etc all contain sugar so while they may soothe the throat for a little while, they are actually helping to feed the virus/infection so you will end up worse than when you started.

    This method costs nothing and works great. Within 12 hours i was feeling my normal happy self, normally throat infections last 10-14 days with me so 12 hours was amazing. Now i want to share this with you and i really hope you feel better soon.