how to unmark posting as spam on facebook

how to unmark posting as spam on facebook

So you have accidentally marked someone or something as spam and you now want to know how to undo it.

It is actually very simple, but firstly don't panic all that normally happens is that you won't be able to see the post that the person wrote, it is very rare that facebook would do anything about unless you have actually gone the next step and reported it.

Your friend will not know that you have marked it as spam, so calm down you will be ok.

right now what you have to do is to find the item again, it probably is no longer on your timeline as you have marked it as spam, but if you go to the person who created the item, it will be on their wall.

Now click again on the mark as spam, this time notice there is a word undo when you click, click this word and it undoes the mark as spam and all is well in the world again.




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