My child is being bullied at school

My child is being bullied at school

My child is being bullied at school

I?m writing this as a mum of a 4 year old who just started school and went fine for a month and then started to create. after a bit of probing it turned out a boy in her class was going around hitting and kicking her and her friends and she was scared.

We told her to tell the teacher but as she said there wasn?t always a teacher around and the little boy always seemed to get them when the teacher wasn?t around and she felt a little intimidated to tell the teacher later.

It was very hard to then step back and try to encourage her to go to school, until her 8 year old cousin came up with the solution.

Screaming. He told her if someone hits you, kicks you or does something you don?t like just scream as loud as you can, firstly it will bring the teacher over to you straight away, secondly it will stop the bully in their tracks and thirdly they won?t come back for more as they know you will just scream.

That very day she went to school and someone was hitting her friend, so she told her friend to scream as loud as she could which she did and the little boy ran away so quick and never came back.

Since then there have been no further incidents and my daughter now goes into school happy.

This takes a bit of coaching, we did quite a few practice runs at home, I would walk by her and (gently) prod her having told her when I prod her this is the equivalent of someone at school hitting her or do something she didn?t like, then she would scream. But she is a timid little thing so I had to keep encouraging her to scream louder it took a while but we got there.

A very simple but very effective technique to ward off bullys from the start. If all children adopt this technique maybe it will help to ward off bullies for good.