How do I stop my cough at night? How do I stop my child coughing at night?

How do I stop my cough at night? How do I stop my child coughing at night?

How do I stop my cough at night? How do I stop my child coughing at night?

This little trick works for anyone anywhere and the simple answer is water. but not just a little but lots.

I have tried every trick in the book for my daughter to stop coughing, vicks on socks, hot lemon and honey, vicks on chest, every cough medicine known to man but nothing stopped.

So I used water or apple juice if you have it. A water bottle is the best to have especially for small children, every time they cough or you cough (if it is you who has the cough) just get them to take a good drink of water or you if the patient is you. It may take half an hour or so of doing this but once the cough has gone then that will be it.

A cough is normally the body's way of expelling something that shouldn't be there so if possible we need to cough to clear this, water helps to moisten what is in there thus making it easier to expell thereby eliminating the need to cough and give everyone a peaceful night

for about a year i had a persistent cough (i had been to the doctors and it was just a tickly cough) nothing i could do to stop it, until i started drinking a small glass of water about an hour before bed since then it has gone and never returned.

You can also add a spoonful of honey to the water to soothe the throat

I tried this and within about 40 minutes my two year old son slept peacefull for the rest of the night, thank you for this, it has been worth everything to us to have a peaceful nights sleep.
Mrs Tracy Brown






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