how to stop google chrome downloading automatically

how to stop google chrome downloading automatically

Stopping automatic downloads from Google chrome

I love Google chrome as a browser, its simple, effective and makes browsing the web so easy and actually quicker than my previous browser internet explorer, but sometimes when I use google chrome as a browser, my mouse, being an optical mouse is a little to quick for me and I find myself having clicked on something that i did not mean to and immediately found that google chrome was downloading things automatically whether i wanted to or not.

Firstly Open up your goggle chrome browser, and look for the button on the right hand side that is 3 horizontal lines then select settings>P? Click show advanced settings

Look for downloads and change the download location that you want your files to go to.

Click the box "Ask where to save each file before downloading" this will prompt you every time you want to download something where you want to save it.