How to stop people stealing your downloads when using paypal

How to stop people stealing your downloads when using paypal

how to protect your downloads

You've spent weeks creating your fabulous ebook, you've created a great website and got your payments sorted but somehow you aren't making money.

It could be that your downloads are being stolen for the simple reason you didn't know how to protect them

well here are a few ways to protect them. Firstly make sure your paypal or click bank buttons are encrypted, its too easy to view your source and find out what the return page is and to go there.

I'll give you a bit of code that will also help with that as well in a moment.

Make sure your downloads are in a separate folder and that your robot.txt file on your main directory includes

User-agent: *

Disallow: /downloads/ #this is the directory of your downloads

This will stop robots indexing your directory.

If possible change the name of your downloads every few weeks, this will stop anyone who has already downloaded your file from passing the link on to others.

It will also stop any rogue robots indexing your files and showing them in search engines.

Here is the promised code for your buttons, this won't reveal anything from your webpage it needs to be in a php file.


$data = array();

$data['cmd'] = '_cart';

$data['business'] = '';

$data['add'] = '1';

$data['no-shipping'] = '0';

$data['item_name'] = 'itemname';

$data['currency_code'] = 'GBP';

$data['item_number'] = 'itemnumber';

$data['amount'] = 'amount';

$data['shipping'] = '0';

$data['lc'] = 'US';


$post_str = '';

foreach($data as $key=>$val) {

$post_str .= $key.'='.urlencode($val).'&';


$post_str = substr($post_str, 0, -1);

header("Location:" .