How to get rid of wrinkles naturally, youthful skin naturally

How to get rid of wrinkles naturally, youthful skin naturally

Getting rid of Wrinkles

Is your face getting distorted with wrinkles? If so, then try the following natural dermatological tips from experts in the American Academy of Dermatology Association before seeking more radical solutions:

i) Wrinkled skin requires foods containing a lot of vitamin E, which is known to reduce wrinkles. These foods include – olive oil, whole grains, legumes and leafy greens.

ii) Dermatologists agree that skin repairs or heals faster when subjected to doses of vitamin C and K which can be acquired in foods such as spinach, kales, green leafy vegetables.

iii) When your skin becomes too thin, try consuming whole grain cereals, wheat, oats, maize which replenish your copper, selenium and vitamins that make your skin thicker and much more elastic, hence more resistant to wear and tear.

iv) A healthy supply of green vegetables and yellow fruits provides vitamins that are necessary for protecting your skin from the suns harsh effects (Sunburn)



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