The joy of living tax free

The joy of living tax free

The Joy of living tax free

Imagine a world where a large chunk of your income did not go to the tax man.

Imagine not having to pay council tax.

Imagine not having to pay for your tv licence.

Imagine never having to pay for another parking ticket.

When you know how the law works and you can use it against them to never be afraid of "authority figures" again in your life. For instance. Who pays for the roads? You do. Do you think it is right that when you pay for the roads, not only do you have to pay to park on them, but you pay for someone to come around and charge you to park on the roads?

All taxes are theft. Very little of taxes go towards paying for services. Most taxes are used to pay off debt to bankers who created the debt from nothing. Do you really want your hard earned money to go towards paying fat bankers and politicians who only ever have their own agenda? There is nothing the government pay for that we can't start on our own.

Do you really need a license for anything?

Either the action you are carrying out is lawful or it is not, how does having a license make something suddenly lawful?

We pay for the roads, we pay for our car and we pay for a license but somehow we can lose them all?

Stop paying now. I've drafted up a letter to send to any official if they write asking you for money.

The cost of the letter is just £2.50 well worth it if your council tax is even £900 per year. I haven't paid council tax nor tv license for 10 years and have never had anyone come around. I don't even get a reminder any more.

Also don't pay parking tickets. Just yesterday I parked in a notorious area in a 1 hr bay, I was there 10-5 no ticket. I think they have given up trying. Only by standing up for ourselves will we rid ourselves of this enslavement.


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