whole30 challenge my own experience

whole30 challenge my own experience

Carol's story the whole 30 challenge.


I decided i'd had enough of being fat frumpy and having really bad skin due to psoriasis. I tried a similar eating program about 2 years ago and my skin cleared up, but alas i did not stick to this program for any length of time so it quickly came back.


1 week on from this diet and already noticing huge differences.

I began this because my skin is appalling about 40% coverage in psoriasis, plus my throat was constantly swollen and I found it difficult to swallow. So after thinking that I could never give up my favourite treats I decided to embark on the whole 30 challenge. After all the whole point is that it is only for 30 days even i can do it for 30 days i'm sure :).

Already 1 week on it is a huge eye opener. The last few days were hard (I have given up tea and coffee as well as I want no stimulants in my body for now) I had extreme tiredness for about 3 days and a few times just thought "oh go on have a coffee it will wake you up", but I persisted and now coming out the other end. However even though I was tired I was still able to cope and get loads done.

My energy levels are definitely on the rise now, the psoriasis has calmed right down, I'm hardly itching at all my skin in general looks clearer and my mind feels sharper.

Now I just need inspiration to keep going. I do feel significantly lighter and not bloated at all. The swellings in my throat and mouth have all disappeared, this used to be worse at night time and found it difficult to sleep no matter how tired I was as whenever I tried to swallow it would wake me up.

If you are thinking of embarking on this program please do try it, Its only a few weeks of your life, it has to be worth getting your life back for the sake of giving up a few treats for a little while?

I will try and post daily updates, meanwhile if you are thinking of starting this and want some inspiration join my facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/whole30challengecb/

I will post my version of the diet as well as recipies that i have found useful.


  • Yesterdays menu was:
  • Breakfast an omlette
  • Lunch avocado, peppers and salad with nuts followed by strawberries, blueberries and grapes
  • Dinner steak with veg and salad
  • Drinks were water and peppermint tea

Well today was a bit of a healing crisis. to say my body cleaned itself out is an understatement. Felt a bit wishy washy while it was happening but it only lasted a minute now feel great again.

Still feeling a bit tired although not badly so just not bounding with energy right now, But still have more energy than when I started.

Skin in definitely clearer, clothes are already fitting better and feeling clearer headed by the day. Also I'm a lot calmer about things now, whereas before anything would stress me out, now I feel a lot more able to cope with situations and react calmly rather than getting angry. Let the good times roll. :)


Yesterday's menu was:

  • Breakfast: Omlette (strangely I like having the same thing for breakfast every day I did before so happy to do so again)

  • Lunch: Chilli and coriander prawns with salad followed by a fruit salad and nuts

  • Dinner: Roast chicken and Veg

Sorry everyone I haven't updated this for a while, can't believe its been nearly a week.  I'm into my second week so far noticiable side effects are:

  • Skin clearing up nicely.  I still have psoriasis but very mild and pink instead of firery red.
  • Clearer thinking
  • Tiredness abating, not gone completely but definitely going.



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