Enable the hidden admin on windows 10

Enable the hidden admin on windows 10

Enable the hidden admin on windows 10

first you need to run a cmd command, to do this next to the windows icon on the left bottom of your screen you will see "type here to search" in there write cmd, but don't press enter.

You will see a black box appear in the results that says run command. Right click this box and select run as administrator.

This will open up the command box, your cursor will be flashing this means you can start typing in there. In there type the following exactly.

net user administrator /active:yes

This will create a new admin account

next switch users and switch to the admin user

There will be no password set for this, so it will ask you to create a password, do this using a password of your choice, but remember it, write it down somewhere if you need to.

Your computer will take a few minutes to create the new account, you don't need to connect to the internet, just keep this account purely for admin.



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