I am rich laminated cards and their powerful effect

Put them everywhere.

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Discover the Power of repetition today!

I just wanted to share this with you and hope it works for some, it seems to be working for me now. The power of repetition. Sometimes called fake it till you make it.

Everything we ever learned or feelings we feel, were learned through repetition. If you have a constant feeling of being poor you will likely always remain poor until you change how you feel about it.

You are the only person in control of how you feel and how you react to things.

When I learn a new skill I have to repeat it many times until it sinks in. Well its like that with our thoughts and feelings. Many people think they can repeat a saying a few times and it will change their lives. Sadly if that was true we'd all be living happy fullfilled lives. Then they become even more downhearted because they tried it and it did not work.

We need to keep repeating and letting our old feelings and doubts go until the new feeling of being rich and knowing we will be rich is well and truly bedded in us.

One way to do this is with constant reminders, I made up these little cards that I put everywhere in my house, on the mirror, in my phone case, by my toothbrush, on my laptop, by the kettle, by the tv. It is a little prompt to remind me to constantly think about it in order to change my current belief of poverty. Something is definitely shifting as more work is coming my way and I'm getting better paid for it. Plus I'm coming up with new ideas to make money. I haven't got super rich yet but I can see it in my future.

The negativity and doubt are very quickly subsiding.

If you want to do the same just print up some cards cut them up small, I'd laminate them as well so they stay in good condition, then pop them everywhere. If you don't have a printer just write some small cards out. Or if you want me to print and laminate for you I'm happy to do so for £3.50 which includes postage. Just press buy now below to order some. This also works if you want to lose weight you could have 'I am very slim' printed on the cards.

Email me at iamrich@top-bannana.com and let me know how you are getting on with it.