Intensive Affirmations for Manifesting Money Webinar

Have you ever intesively used affirmations to attract money?

If you are here, you are clearly looking for something more?

I'm guessing you have tried manifesting with little to no success, otherwise you would not be here?

This is a 3 hour long web session, where we intensively write, shout, sing, tap our affirmations. We use the power of emotions to and consistency to help bring them to fruition.

Join us on 03 Aug 2024 for a transformative 3-hour intensive webinar where you'll learn powerful techniques to manifest money and create financial abundance in your life. This webinar is designed for individuals who are ready to take control of their financial destiny and unlock their full potential.

What You'll be doing:

Why Attend?

You begin applying the affirmations from the moment we start, this is a very intensive course, designed to quickly overcome mental blocks and pave the way for wealth to find its way to you?

What is the Cost?


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