Are you ready to take control of your skin?

The Psoriasis Coach works with you daily to keep you on track to clearing your skin once and for all. Using complete change of diet and focusing on clearing your skin.

Quick History Having lived with psoriasis for over 30 years, I've tried everything to clear it, including some medications that caused severe reactions. Eventually, I stumbled upon the fruit diet. Remarkably, my skin cleared up after just six weeks. Believing I was cured, I returned to my regular eating habits, only to find the psoriasis return. The key, I discovered, is to follow the diet for 12 weeks. After completing this regimen, my skin remains clear no matter what I eat. Sticking to a plan can be challenging, which is why I created The Psoriasis Coach. I want to work with you to clear your skin, support you during tough times, and encourage you when you feel like giving up. I'll be there for you every step of the way.

Important Points:

  • Commitment: This is not an easy ride. If you are looking for a quick fix, please find another solution.
  • Diet Change: Are you prepared to give up foods that are harming you and follow a strict fruit-based regimen for up to 12 weeks? If not, please don't proceed further.
    • Your body needs time to heal inside.
    • Your skin may start clearing after 4-6 weeks, but you need to continue for up to 12 weeks to avoid relapsing.


  • Time Commitment: If you expect quick results, this program is not for you. It takes time to detoxify your body.
  • No Pressure: I will not bombard you with emails or offer free incentives to entice you. Come and sign up when you are ready.

Support Offered:

  • Program Fee: £250 for the 12-week program. - This equates to about £3 per day, less than a daily coffee.
  • Daily Support: Daily WhatsApps to keep you on track.
    • Provide full support during tough times.
    • Use hypnosis to keep you on track.


  • I can help you, but you must want to be helped.
  • If you're ready, sign up. If not, continue your search for other solutions.

Join me when you are ready to take control of your skin.