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How to make table border a single line - html style css

if you want to create a single border around your table with no cell borders straight in the table tag itself the code to use is

how to break out of a frame javascript html

if you want a page to become the top page instead loading into a frame just copy this simple code

html apostrophe single quote quote mark

html does not display quote mark correctly, is there a way i can fix this.

how to flip rotate an image using css

Do you want to have a little fun with your images, or just move them around turning them upside down is fun and easy to do

How to force a file to download simple

If when a user clicks a link you want to force a file to download use this very simple tool

Drop down list of towns and cities in England

here is a full list of cities and towns in england html select code creating a drop down list

How to hide a referring url, with javascript php css href

How to hide a referring url in one easy step

how to stretch an image in a td cell to cover the whole cell using css

to stretch an image across a whole cell of a table is very simple lots of people try and tell you that this can't be done but actually it is very easy.

visited link to remain same colour

how to make sure that the visited link of an a link remains the same colour without specifying the color

 appearing o your webpage

 appearing in your page and you don't know where it has come from.

this is quite an easy fix.

how to make text wrap in html table

how to make text wrap in html table, stop the table cell expanding and wrap the words instead.

How to make a large check box in HTML

How to make a large check box in HTML

Elegant Input box css

Elegant Input box css

how to redirect to another web page immediately using meta refresh

How to redirect to another webpage using meta refresh






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